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The Season When Boise Weather Gets More Attention

 It does seem that around this time of year Boise’s weather gets a proportionately larger share of attention from the news media. This would stand to reason when it breaks records or

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Would Your Boise Home Draw Boomers or Millennials?

 Last week’s Weekly Real Estate News brought new insight into a trend that has been developing for some time. As patterns of domestic migration become more apparent, it looks as if age

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Why the Boise Listings Don’t Confirm Recession Talk

If you’ve been checking into the Boise listings from time to time, you might be puzzled by the number of experts who refer to a ‘housing market downturn’ or ‘real estate

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What Motivates Boise Housing Buyers and Sellers?

 When you thumb through this year’s comprehensive housing report on the identities and motivations of U.S. home buyers and sellers, you are reminded anew of how wide-ranging the results

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